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Dr. Harvey Silverman, DMD
General Dentist
Named by Dentistry Today as one of the Top Continuing Education Clinicians in 2008 & 2009

Build Your Smile Enhancement Practice with Coaching from The Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry offers a unique one day cosmetic dentistry coaching and consultation program for the general dentist who wants to provide outstanding cosmetic dentistry while expanding, distinguishing and differentiating their cosmetic dentistry program in their community.

Our background includes the following:

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Today, The Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry provides you with a time tested program that will help you and your team achieve excellence in all of your bonding, bleaching and veneer procedures. The system also provides proven Zero Selling methods to inform, power educate and motivate your patients about contemporary cosmetic dentistry

Using our Best Cosmetic Dentistry Practice Program we will share with you everything you need to discover and uncover what your patients want to change about their smile. We will also implement our Smile Consultant Program to help your team create patient excitement and enthusiasm for your cosmetic services that can will forever change their life.

The Silverman Institute Of Cosmetic Dentistry program combines on-site coaching and consulting services - and downtime for you is minimal since it is all done in a single day. Within 14 days after implementing our Best Cosmetic Dentistry Practices, you will be doing more (and better) cosmetic dentistry than you thought possible - and without ever selling. Especially in today's economy. However, patients still want a self-confident, beautiful smile. We will give you the keys to unlock the demand for your cosmetic dentistry services.

If your goal is to provide your patients with outstanding cosmetic dentistry services please let us know and we will share with you how we can help you achieve your goal. Best of all your investment will be surprising reasonable and affordable - and it is seamless with your existing practice protocol.

For more information: Click here t to learn how you can be a candidate for the Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry's Best Cosmetic Dentistry Practice or please contact Dr. Silverman at Dr. Silverman can also be reached directly at 216-256-4599.

* EasySmile Veneers are custom made to your teeth at no charge. If you like your new smile and want to have the veneers bonded to your teeth the doctor will discuss the fee to proceed with your work.